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Who are we?

The band is made up of 5 average blokes who just like messing about with ukuleles.

Tim - vocals and rhythm uke.  Teacher, some time artist, cook and general drinker.

Spence - plucking and vocals.  Project manager, DIYer, dog lover and back up drinker.

Andy - drums and vocals (and anything else we can think of for him to play).  School Construction Project manager, Elvis impersonator, A Team van driver and generally laid back dude.

Neil - bass guitar, harmonica and manbourine (you'll have to ask him yourself about that).  Packaging designer, runner, music aficionado, fermentor of strange food and drink and another generally laid back dude.

Carl - vocals and rhythm uke. Service Engineer, woodworker, music appreciator and car fancier.

We got together about 5 years ago and have now reemerged after the lockdowns ready to rock and roll (well pluck and strum anyway).

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